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Customers 2020

The Future of B-to-B Customer Listening

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We live in the age of the customer. Customers know more, and expect more. Fast forward seven short years from now, and there’s little doubt the bar will be set higher and new priorities will have emerged for business-to-business companies. So, who wins in the year 2020? Arguably, it’s the most forward-thinking companies – those that consciously and deliberately work at anticipating the future needs and create an experience that customers’ value.

This is the driving premise behind Customers 2020 – an insightful, thought-provoking study designed to reveal the customer experience industry of the future. This 30-minute webcast will feature a summary of the findings from the thought-provoking study which delivers a glimpse of the customer experience industry of the future.

You will learn:

  • What customers should expect in 2020: Customer expectations in the future are the outcome of movements that have been underway for decades. Changes such as the explosion of digital, the empowered customer, and the acceleration of innovation are having a profound impact on customer expectations.
  • How companies can adapt to their customer expectations in 2020:  As customer expectations shift, companies are forced to adapt. Enlightened by what the future has in store, many companies are already laying the foundation for 2020.
  • How to capitalize on the customer revolution: The B-to-B companies that will win are beginning to prepare now by recognizing the shift that’s taking place, aligning the right resources, and focusing on the right metrics. Enlightened companies must view the customer experience as a strategic, C-level initiative.

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