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Tailored advisory solutions to build a world-class experience management practice

  • Business Impact

    Is investing in CX the right move for you?

    • Gain insight to make a business case for embarking on an intentional CX program
    • Find out the potential ROI of taking certain actions, based on benchmark data
    • Learn where to focus your efforts to make the biggest impact
    • Take the first step in breaking down silos
    • Get other parts of your organization involved – and focusing on the customer


  • CX Maturity Assessment

    Where are you on the road to CX maturity – and how do you get to the next stage?

    • Gain a clear baseline picture of the maturity of your program
    • Identify your program’s strengths and weaknesses
    • Learn how you stack up against similar companies
    • Engage key stakeholders around customer experience success in your company with powerful gap analysis
    • Focus your efforts where it will make a difference with an expert-led roadmap workshop
    • Plan for the long term with a maturity plan tailored to your program’s needs


  • Customer Journey Mapping

    What moments have the biggest impact on your customers’ experience?

    • Identify the key moments that matter to your customers
    • Identify key listening points to help you create a customer listening architecture that focuses on the right feedback
    • Drive customer-focused engagement and buy-in across your organization
    • Define your ideal future customer experience


  • Program Design

    What do you need to do to have a comprehensive program?

    • Get expert help on a full blueprint of your program
    • Leverage best practices
    • Ensure your program will have an impact
    • Ensure you’re asking the right questions of the right customers in the right way and time
    • Build stakeholder awareness and adoption of your program
    • Identify what’s getting in the way, or could be improved, in order to meet customer needs


  • Customer-Centric Transformation

    How do you shift the culture of a company to become customer focused?

    • Take your CX to the next level with an integrated experience management approach
    • Help your CX efforts stick by creating a customer-focused culture in your organization
    • Learn what involvement is needed from across your organization
    • Gain a vision and roadmap for your experience program as it grows in sophistication and maturity over the next three years
    • Follow-up coaching helps your customer-centric transformation stay on track


  • Analysis and Reporting

    What does all this data really mean?

    • Gain an outside perspective from a CX expert
    • Walker distills your data into pearls of insight you can act on
    • Use insights to design dashboards and surveys
    • Identify gaps in your customer experience to enhance efficiency and effectiveness
    • Improve your customer experience by acting on the feedback that matters most to customers
    • Improve your NPS/CSAT scores more than those who simply monitor
    • Learn the story of what your data means


  • Listening Architecture

    Where, when and to whom should you be listening?

    Coordinate your customer listening efforts to be sure you’re listening to the right people at the right time in the right place.

    • Collect the right type of insights to drive your CX strategy
    • Understand current customer sentiment and track customer sentiment over time
    • Develop a plan for resources, internally and externally, to be able to successfully deploy the new listening infrastructure
    • Evaluate ideas and best practices from other companies from which to ideate the optimal listening architecture
    • Create a holistic listening system that meets your organization’s goals
    • Bring multiple, disconnected listening systems together for a clear picture of what’s going on in the organization


  • Workshops

    How do you solve problems or educate employees?

    • Craft a solution to solve an experience management issue in a matter of hours with an Action Planning Workshop
    • Motivate and train your employees with CX Training and Workshops


  • Insight Review

    How does it all connect?

    • Gain an objective, empirical view of how customer touch points interact with one another 
    • Learn which insights are most impactful for determining a customer’s loyalty toward your company


  • Ongoing Coaching/Consulting

    What if you need a little help now and then?

    • Access the expertise you need to support your program, as you need it
    • Get personal answers to your professional questions