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Making technology work for you

Today’s technology can do amazing things. It can make difficult tasks easy and can make inefficient processes go much more smoothly. However, it’s not always easy to understand. What’s more, getting technology up and running can be overwhelming!

That’s where we come in.

Our people make the difference. We help you get up to speed quickly. And we don’t stop there – our talented team is there to help you along the way to ensure that your investment in the Qualtrics platform pays off quickly.

Experience matters

When it comes to collecting and managing customer data, you won’t find a team with more practical experience than Walker. Our team consists of technology specialists, program managers and subject matter experts who have worked with hundreds of companies and countless complex CX and EX programs. We are fully accredited on the Qualtrics platform and our team has achieved multiple certifications, all ensuring that we can not only get you up and running, but also customize the platform to fit your business needs.

Commonly requested services that the Walker team provides include:

  • Fast and reliable onboarding
  • Automation of customer and employee contact lists
  • Data migration from other XM platforms
  • Integration with CRM systems
  • Custom online and offline reporting
  • Customer dashboard development
  • Close-the loop case management
  • Survey design, validation and translations
  • Advance analysis of customer and employee data

Our team takes pride in helping you get the most out of your technology so that your organization can get faster, better results from your CX and EX programs.