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Customers at the heart of every decision

How do you make decisions in your business? We believe the most successful companies consider their customers in every decision they make. And ultimately, that is our purpose at Walker – to help all companies develop such a commitment to their customers that they are at the heart of every decision.

Walker is a customer experience consulting firm. We provide all the right ingredients – strategic solutions, implementation services, technology and talented consultants – to deliver results for our clients.  

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The customer experience advantage

More and more companies are leveraging customer experience to gain a competitive advantage. We get that and we help our clients achieve it. What’s more, it works – Walker clients dramatically outperform the market.

The Walker Index is a measure of the aggregate performance of the stock of publicly-traded Walker clients. It represents what is happening in business today – when companies put their customers at the heart of their decisions they win in the marketplace.

Walker Index


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